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Dance Studio Management Software

Our system allows you to keep everything under control so your business can stand out from the rest

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Email Marketing

A variety of tools to take your studio to the next level

Developed to manage your business with ease. Dive in.

Online Schedule

Set up your resources, enable your customers to book online and sit back while Bewe takes care of the rest.

Online classes

Maintain your clients through the harshest of times by streaming your classes to keep your people active and healthy.


Manage subscriptions, improve customer satisfaction, guarantee payments, and ensure your income.

Everything your business needs in one place

Robust solutions, easy to use and built by the big leaders of the dance industry.

Your management platform includes a fully integrated streaming and video-on-demand tool, helping you fulfill the needs of today’s learning process

Alternatives to increase and optimize your booking channels. Online scheduling, branded mobile apps, and embedded website integrations.

Build up customer loyalty, secure your monthly recurring income, and improve their experience

Intuitive tools to manage and run your business, make better decisions, and never miss a payment, a client or an important date!

Keep close contact with your customers and increase your client retention with powerful features.

Branded App

Stand out from the rest and improve your client's experience. Available for Android and iOS.

"The app is very intuitive and practical, it helps us generate more traffic in our businesses."

Jose Francisco Aguirre - Manager Barber House

Marketing Activities

Automate your mailings and notify everything that happens in your business from our tools.

“I can use this feature to send discounts, new schedules, relevant information and much more.“

Tabatta Vera - Manager Dushi salon

Online Schedule

Get a broad overview of your classes, prioritize them by colors, organize your team, and manage your business schedule.

"The schedule and the way I can customize it, how quickly it is updated online, the possibility of having an app for me as a manager and supervising my business no matter where I am"

Flor A. Owner

Online Classes

Take your services and digital products around the world, whether it is streaming, pre-recorded or live classes.

Bewe stands beside us, we started using it and became more organized. For us working digitally has become an advantage because it has opened new opportunities that we had never thought of.

Daniela Mena. CEO

Memberships and Packages

Manage your memberships with ease, improve customer satisfaction, guarantee payments and ensure your income.

“This feature allows you to reduce unpaid invoices and have more connected students"

Juan Nieto. Founder and CEO Slings

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