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All you need to broadcast, stream your classes live, digitize your business. Offer on-demand content and monetize pre-recorded content from the same platform from which you manage your studio.

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Some of our features

Developed to manage your business with ease. Dive in.

Online Classes

With Bewe Classes you can broadcast live, keep your students and ensure that cash flow is not affected.

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Online Courses

If you are looking for a software that fits your needs, we are the best option, your students can book easily and manage everything in one place.

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We work with entrepreneurs who are pursuing the best version of themselves.

More than 30,000 professionals trust Bewe to run their business.

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User-friendly tools you can easily use without being a technology expert

Bewe Class

Group classes and private appointments with live or pre-recorded video conferencing.

Your clients sign in to your classes as they book online.

All through the same tool from which you can manage your business.

Bewe stands beside us, we started using it and became more organized. For us working digitally has become an advantage because it has opened new opportunities that we had never thought of.

Daniela Mena. CEO and trainer Box-4x4

Bewe Courses

Broadcast video courses to your customers to maximize knowledge monetization and be able to engage them too.

Available on both website and app.

"We can sell content, we can authenticate it, and it can be done synchronously and asynchronously, it has allowed our studio to become more prepared."

Juan Nieto, Cofunder and CEO, Centros Slings

Bewe TV

Bring more value to clients and memberships with exclusive on-demand content.

Convenience of pre-recorded exercise videos for clients.

Control who has access to it and when.

Create your own library of ready-to-consume content.

" Now that my students can't come to class as often, I've been able to create courses and they've helped me to continue to offer my services."

Rodrigo Salazar - Freelance Personal Trainer

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