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A cloud-based system that allows you to improve management, increase retention and maximize profits.

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A variety of tools to take your clinic to the next level

Developed to manage your business with ease. Dive in

Online Booking

Set up your resources, enable your customers to book online. Have an overview of the availability of your services.

Client Profiles

Record all patients' medical history with all the information you need to provide your services according to their needs.

Online Services

From the same platform that has helped you manage your clinic, you can schedule virtual appointments with your patients.

Everything your business needs in one place

Robust solutions, easy to use and built by the hand of great health references.

Bewe Essential

Bewe Essential

A set of tools you need to start managing your business, manage payments and analyze what's going on.

Online booking and Branded App - Plus

Online booking and Branded App - Plus

Your own App with branding and colors of your business to enhance your customers' booking experience and communicate what's most important to them.

Bewe Pass - Plus

Bewe Pass - Plus

Facial recognition technology connected with Bewe for your team and customers' benefit.

Bewe Class, Bewe Courses, Bewe TV - Plus

Bewe Class, Bewe Courses, Bewe TV - Plus

Advanced features to offer your healthcare services and meet your patients' needs.

Bewe checkout - Plus

Bewe checkout - Plus

Simplify online payments and generate links that can be sent to your patients by email, whatsapp or even by QR. Fully synchronized with BEWE.

Online Booking

Personalize your appointment schedule, prioritize them by color, optimize your time, manage schedules more easily with an online calendar and improve patients' booking experience.

"The agenda is an excellent tool for scheduling, appointment tracking and client follow-up. It gives me the possibility to take notes on each one. In conclusion, it easily adapts to all types of businesses."

Maria - Maryah Skin Care

Client Profiles

Record medical history documents for each patient to have an updated database and provide personalized follow-up.

"I am able to control the whole movement of my center on line."

Bryan - Footmedic

Online Services

Use Bewe tools to provide online medical care and offer your digital consultations to patients who need them.

I didn't know that Bewe Class was going to be useful for me to connect remotely with some patients who prefer virtuality, I am having appointments by video calls that they book themselves from the website.

Clara - Pediatrician

Customer Loyalty and Marketing

Automate your mailings and notify everything that happens in your business from our tools.

"Since we started using BEWE we have been able to send emails to clients, either privately or in bulk, and we can parameterize it, it's very easy".

Paola Ubidia - Owner Coquelicot

Custom Reports

Know what happens in your business, make better plans and implement strategies based on your patient's feedback.

"It brings efficiency, order and speed in our day and our numbers to the team"

Jorge Antonio Monroy. Manager-Leon de Navajas

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