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We contribute to the digital transformation of more than 3,000 centers in more than 20 countries.

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A robust system for leading businesses to embrace best practices and achieve world class results.

Features adapted to different business sizes and developed to meet high-volume accounts, scheduling with frequent appointments, extensive service catalogs to offer more personalized services.


Intuitive tools to fully automate processes, consolidate information and manage each site from any device.

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A single, simple and easy-to-use dashboard to visualize growth, meet objectives, extract relevant data and ensure the long-term success of each location.

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Customer Experience

Increase service efficiency with engaging customer experiences that boost revenue and life time business value.

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Online Ecosystem

A digital workspace to add value to your services, grow your community, monetize your knowledge and retain customers. All from the same management platform.

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Large businesses need qualified suppliers

Our platform simplifies the data migration process of all your locations and we create a customized training and support plan. We help you achieve truly exceptional levels of performance for your brand.

Innovate in corporate and site management

Embrace best practices and achieve better results with intuitive features

Client Profiles


Memberships and Packages

<p>Streamline and automate booking experience</p>

Streamline and automate booking experience

An easy-to-use booking system so that your customers can book instantly at any location and you can have a clear view of your teams.

<p>Get to know better your customers and strengthen your services' value proposition.</p>

Get to know better your customers and strengthen your services' value proposition.

Our platform simplifies data migration processes for all of your locations and we create a customized training and support plan. We help you achieve outstanding performance levels for your brand.

<p>Simplifies the payment process</p>

Simplifies the payment process

Keep track of available sessions by having memberships and packages, link your clients' cards to get automatic payments

Manage and control each member's accesses

Set up agendas, clients, marketing, accounting and other privileges.

  • Choose who can create, edit, delete products, services and charges.
  • Inventory management and supplier requests

    Make sure that each location has enough inventory to provide services and sell products, allowing each location to order required items.

  • Inventory management to have accurate traceability of all your stock.
  • Purchasing orders are generated for suppliers or for distribution to sites.
  • Be competitive and improve every location

    By optimizing processes and properly framing each task, you can offer comprehensive solutions.

    Stay in control with streamlined business dashboard solutions

    All-in-one solution to gather the most important data on sales, revenue and bookings.

    Customized Reports


    <p>Use all data to grow your locations</p>

    Use all data to grow your locations

    A clear overview of what's happening. Stay on track with performance from a 360-degree view.

    <p>Measure, analyze and optimize</p>

    Measure, analyze and optimize

    Your business direction is guided by global statistics and contrasted data based on previous experiences.

    Deliver customized reports for a comprehensive view

    Analyze, compare and draw out an overall or site-by-site analysis of your business situation and identify strengths and opportunities to ensure your success.

  • Easy data extraction.
  • Filters to compare data efficiently.
  • Measure compliance and ensure success

    An intuitive and user-friendly dashboard to display real-time performance of your business.

  • Key and insightful overview of the information.
  • Global and/or individual indicators can be interpreted
  • Tailored features designed to meet the needs of all types of enterprises

    Hundreds of clients from different industries targeted to grow their businesses.

    Increase value with engaging experiences

    Offer unique services to your customers to maximize profits.

    Bewe Pass

    Booking System

    Marketing Suite

    Bewe Checkout

    <p>Add a shopping cart to your brand's website.</p>

    Add a shopping cart to your brand's website.

    Synchronize everything with your payment gateway and send links to sell through WhatsApp or email.

    <p>Draw potential customers' attention and build their loyalty.</p>

    Draw potential customers' attention and build their loyalty.

    Target and schedule mailings to databases with customizable emails depending on customer status and behavior.

    <p>Store, organize and sell your online courses.</p>

    Store, organize and sell your online courses.

    With Bewe Courses you can provide access to your courses through online purchase. Follow up with your students to support them every step of the way.

    Branded App

    Your own App with branding of your business to enhance your customer’s booking experience and communicate what's most important to them.

  • A faster way to keep in touch with your customers through push notifications.
  • Your clients can book wherever they are.
  • An app with your business colors and logo.
  • Bewe Class

    Group classes and private appointments with live or pre-recorded video conferencing.

  • Your clients can sign in to your classes when they book online.
  • All from within the same tool.
  • Bewe TV

    Create more value for clients and offer subscription based exclusive on-demand content.

  • Easy to access pre-recorded videos for clients.
  • Control customer access.
  • Create your own library of ready-to-use content.
  • Bewe Courses

    Create a video content library that is hosted directly by Bewe, monetize your pre-recorded classes and offer better services for your customers.

  • Available on both website and app.
  • Add value to your business and offer a wide range of products and services to meet customers' needs.

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