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Bewe Essentials
Bewe Essential

Start with essential tools to automate your business processes.

*Online Schedule

• Customized Reports

• Accounting

• Dashboard

• Inventory Management

• Facebook Booking

• Classroom Map

• Client Profiles

• Booking Widget

• Website Integrations

• Correos y notificaciones automatizadas

• Salaries and commissions

• Memberships and Packages

• Acciones automáticas

Bewe Pay: A payment system to charge your customers through the integrated gateways of your choice in your country.

Bewe Pass: Through facial recognition you control the entry and exit of your customers and automatically track available and used sessions.

Bewe Checkout: The easiest way to accept online payments from Whatsapp, Facebook, Email and even your own website. All 100% synchronized with BEWE.


App Personalizada
App Personalizada

An app with your own identity and colors. Available for iOS or Android devices.

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Bewe Class
Bewe Media

Bewe clases, cursos y TV: All you need to broadcast and stream your classes live. Offer on-demand content and monetize pre-recorded content from the same platform from which you can manage your business.

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*There are two logins included with Bewe Essential.

*A fee would apply to each extra user.

*After 5 more users to the bewe essential plan, the rest will be unlimited.