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Bewe Essential

A set of tools that allow you to manage and analyze data from your business center more easily.

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Some of our features

Developed to manage your business with ease. Dive in.

Online Schedule

A clear overview of what's going on in your studio for day-to-day management. Simplify the booking process and organize the whole schedule in the same place.

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Custom Reports

Summarize, compare and analyze your brand's performance at an overall level or per location and identify strengths and opportunities for success.

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Customer Loyalty and Marketing

Capture users' attention, engage them as customers and attract them to use your services with effective multichannel strategies such as emails, push notifications and SMS.

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We work with entrepreneurs who are pursuing the best version of themselves.

More than 3,000 centers rely on Bewe as their technological partner.

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User-friendly tools you can easily use without being a technology expert

Online Schedule

A clear overview of what's going on in your studio for day-to-day management. Simplify the booking process and organize the whole schedule in the same place.

"An excellent tool for scheduling and tracking appointments, searching for clients, and being able to take notes on each."

María Nelly Carvajal - Maryah's Skin Care Manager

Custom reports

Do you want to know how many new customers you have each month? Do you know how many have dropped out? Do you know which are the services with the highest demand in your business? Simple, use management reports and customize them according to your needs.

"I like it a lot because I can have statistics of my most and least sold services and I know how much each customer spends in my company"

Liliana Lara. Owner-Oliva Nails Studio

Customer Loyalty and Marketing

Send SMS, push notifications, or emails to inform your customers about news, or discounts of your business. Send out notifications and reminders to keep your customers informed of their appointments or any important changes. Don't let them out of your sight!

"It allows me to be close to my customers! From Marketing I can communicate promotions, new schedules, relevant information and more to my clients."

Tabatta Vera Murillo - Manager Dushi Salon.


Link your clients' cards, automate payments and save time on collections while reducing non-payments.

"As a school, we find it easy to have the student portfolio updated, organized and completed. It also helps us to collect payments and identify those that are not up to date."

Paula Cardozo - Owner Acd bailamos.


Record all the information of your business in the POS system, you can do a cash register closure and discover how much money has entered during the day and which are the means of payment.

"Bewe helps me calculate salaries and commissions for each employee. it is definitely the best investment."

Mariana Santos - Owner of Maessamu Nails.

Client Profiles

Record relevant information about each customer and use it to your advantage for further personalized services.

"It allows you to have total control of your business from every perspective, as it has very complete files."

Julio Zarate - Owner of Rehabilitation Clinic FisioFocus

Bewe Pay

A payment system to charge your customers in two different ways, with our default functionality or with any of Spreedly's payment platforms.

"I have always needed to charge my customers with different methods and the payment platform that I manage in my store is now integrated with the program. It makes everything easier for me."

Luis Ramírez- Owner of Time Cut


This feature is perfect if you are not an expert in mathematical calculations, you can understand your business metrics in a quick view.

"I love it because I can perfectly differentiate the services, I can see daily statistics and make comparisons. "

Patricia Guerra. Manager-Beauty Max Guadalajara

Inventory Management

Did you run out of stock? or, did you have leftover items that you could never sell? Don’t let this happen again. Record all the information in one place and have everything under control.

"Bewe is a software that allows me to manage all the stock and accounting."

Velky A. Manager-Your Beauty Mentor


Ease the payment process and automate employee compensation without time-consuming operational procedures.

"Bewe helps me automate the calculation of salaries and commissions for each employee. Definitely, it's the best investment I could have ever made."

Mariana Santos - Owner of Maessamu Nails

Global payment processing that you can manage from the software interface.

Integrate with one of our payment platforms.

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