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Memberships and Packages

Manage your memberships with ease, improve customer satisfaction, guarantee payments and ensure your income.

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Developed to manage your business with ease. Dive in.

Memberships and Packages

Guarantee payments solutions, reinforce your income and manage memberships as a payment method.

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Accept online payments and improve your customer experience.

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User-friendly tools you can easily use without being a technology expert

Memberships and Packages

The best way to ensure income in your business, retain your customers for a longer period, and keep track of their payments.

"As an academy it gives us the facility to have the accounting of our students in an organized way and also it give us the posibility to know if they are up to date."

Paula Cardozo. Owner -Acd bailamos.


Link credit cards and improve customer experience, your goal is to give them what they need.

"With Bewe pay we can save money on administrative costs, reduce debt and have more connected students"

Juan Nieto, Cofounder & CEO Slings

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