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Our system allows you to keep everything under control so your business can stand out from the rest.


Memberships and Packages

Custom Reports


A variety of tools to take your business to the next level

Developed to manage your business with ease. Dive in.

Online Booking

Know the appointments by time periods and prioritize them by color. Be in control of what happens in your business.

Client Profiles

Store all your customers' information in one place where you can easily access and use it to your advantage

Customer Loyalty and Marketing

Automate your mailings and notify everything that happens in your business from our tools.

Bewe Essential

Bewe Essential

A set of tools that allow you to manage and analyze data from your business center more easily. It starts with features that any company needs to efficiently streamline its processes in order to automate tasks.

Online Booking and Branded App - Plus

Online Booking and Branded App - Plus

Alternatives to increase and optimize your booking channels. Online scheduling, branded mobile apps, and embedded website integrations.

Bewe Pass - Plus

Bewe Pass - Plus

Facial recognition technology connected with Bewe for your team and customers benefit.

Bewe class, Bewe courses, Bewe TV - Plus

Bewe class, Bewe courses, Bewe TV - Plus

Your management platform includes a fully integrated streaming and video on-demand tool, helping you fulfill the needs of today’s learning process.

Bewe Checkout - Plus

Bewe Checkout - Plus

Sell your services online and connect everything with the payment gateway you use.

Branded App

We create an App with your business colors, logo and images from which your customers can book their classes. Available for iOS and Android devices.

"The user App is intuitive and practical to encourage more traffic to our stores."

Jose Francisco Aguirre- Barber House Manager

Bewe Checkout

Sell your products online, synchronize your stock with the platform and connect everything with the payment gateway you use. 

"With Bewe you can save money on administrative costs, reduce unpaid bills and have students more involved in order to increase loyalty, it also allows you to plan cancellations".

Juan Nieto. Co-founder y CEO - Slings

Online Booking

Our platform is synchronized with your business website, with the Facebook button and the App. This way, your customers can book from anywhere so they don't waste time on this.

"The best thing about Bewe is its scheduling system and the way it can be customized and how quickly it updates online. It's visually understandable and helps us organize our time properly".

Flor Analco. Owner - Bodybrite

Customers Files

Adjust them according to your needs and add meaningful information to improve the experience and facilitate communication.

"It makes the whole operation easier for me because I can have everything in one place without losing folders. I really love it and it helps me a lot"

Ivone Hassaf - Stylist Trina

Customer Loyalty and Marketing

Target your database and automate the process of sending SMS, push notifications or emails and set up reminders when your patients book a session with you.

"Since we started using BEWE we have been able to send emails to clients, individually or in bulk, and we can parameterize it, it's very easy"

Paola Ubidia. Owner -Coquelicot

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